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Pension worries? Want a second income? Here's a solution!

Marsha and family

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Marsha spent many years buying property, renovating it and letting out rooms to young professionals after realising that passive income (in the form of rent) would mean she would be free to travel the world.

This enabled her to retire from the 9-5 rat race at the age of only 26. Having spent the last 12 years concentrating on property, prices having risen and banks have tightened lending criteria meaning that buying a property now means getting together larger sums of money to secure a deposit.

Further more with the stress of renovations, dealing with numerous tradesmen, tenants and broken boilers Marsha started to look elsewhere for lucrative passive income opportunities so she could stay out of the rat-race and still grow her income.

Marsha was presented with another passive opportunity in 2011 which has since allowed her to work from home just a few hours a week, which doesn't require large amounts of capital and doesn't entail any stress, making it the perfect way to make money and stay financially independent as a stay-at-home mum of her two children.

Marsha Gomez

With two young children, Marsha has built a business which achieved a turnover of well over a million pounds in its first 4 years and has enjoyed a pay rise every single month ever since she started. This phenomenal growth has been achieved by helping residential customers and small to medium-sized businesses save money and receive exceptional customer service at the same time. This customer base been built purely through word-of-mouth recommendation.

Marsha is partnered with a highly successful and award-winning UK based FTSE 250 PLC , listed on the London stock exchange and licensed by OFCOM & OFGEM. Marsha spends 10-20 hours a week working flexibly around her children and property business. She spends this time helping show others how they can save money as well as personally mentoring people - from all walks of life - who want to change their lives by starting their own risk-free business and also make themselves financially free.

If you would like to start your own home-based business without the set-up costs, staffing issues or time commitments normally associated with starting a business, then look no further. Follow Make money to start your journey to success now.

If you, or someone you know would like to benefit from business or residential savings with award winning customer service and value for money, please follow Save Money.

Save Money

Save money

I help people to save money on their home utilities and highstreet and online shopping.

Save money

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Make money

Learn how you can make money by starting your own home-based business.

Make money

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Contact me

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss making and saving money.

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'I hear a lot of people complaining about working hours and not getting paid for it. For me Utility Warehouse changes that. Long hours are not necessary when I can spend time catching up with people and meeting new people while helping them out and making myself a good wage that can only continue to grow. No more waiting for the pay rises! A exciting new challenge which also fits perfectly around my role as a stay at home mum.'
Hannah Rose - Stay at home mum